Our Honor Code

Our Honor Code outlines how we at our service encourage academic honesty and high academic standards. It communicates what students, corporations, and freelancers may expect from our service and demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the greatest levels of academic and corporate ethics. Our platform does not tolerate and will not encourage academic dishonesty, nor will it promote cheating, fraud, or the acquisition of undeserved marks or degrees.

Business Ethics

  • We do not support, nor do we facilitate any type of corporate dishonesty or violation of corporate policies.
  • We will never assist users in committing fraud or taking part in any illegal activity.
  • If proof is found that an expert has knowingly facilitated any type of illegal activity, they will be immediately removed from our platform.
  • Cheating, plagiarism, or participation in any activity or process that violates a student’s school, college, or university’s academic policy are prohibited.
  • We will promptly remove an expert from our platform if they have intentionally assisted cheating.

To Students

  • We understand the time limits and difficulties that attending college might impose on a student’s life. However, it is not worth the effort to risk violating your institution’s academic integrity policy.
  • Students are not permitted to utilize our platform for any criminal conduct or to breach any institutional policies.
  • Students are not permitted to pass off any academic materials they get from freelance writers as their own.

To Teachers

  • We know you work hard in your study groups, courses, and institutions to ensure academic integrity. We are rooting for you to keep studying in an honest, transparent, and productive manner.
  • We invite you to report any honor code infractions as academics and members of various academic institutions.

To other Stakeholders

  • Our services allows all users to receive professional assistance with any written work from a subject matter expert. However, keep in mind that on the ProEssayTutor Platform, breaking your own corporate policies is severely discouraged.
  • It is forbidden for business representatives to use the ProEssayTutor site for any illicit activities.
    It is definitely forbidden for business representatives to use freelancers to assist in any form of fraudulent activity.