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Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Write a Movie Review

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Write a Movie Review

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In a film, everyone can find what they’re looking for: laughter, adrenaline, drama, love, a trip back in time, or an alternate reality. As a result, most students appear to find writing a movie review to be one of the most enjoyable assignments. However, watching a nice movie in the evening and watching it purely to write a review are not the same thing. This essay will show you how to avoid common blunders and write a fantastic movie review.
What Exactly Is a Film Review?

A movie review is, in general, a form of art criticism and journalism. It is a detailed analysis of recently released films, usually written by a professional reviewer, to assist in deciding which film to watch.

Professional reviews differ from amateur reviews in that they are more structured, sharper, and thorough, while also being more concise in wording. A professional movie review will always include knowledge of the film’s director(s), their prior works, and previous filmmaker’s images, as well as a thorough comprehension of various cinema genres and classics, as well as filming techniques and modern trends for each of them.

However, you can find a number of evaluations written by regular moviegoers, and they can sometimes be more insightful and useful than a professional review.

The Purpose of a Film Review


Understanding the goal of a movie review is crucial to writing an excellent one. So, when you’re writing, keep these objectives in mind:

Briefly discuss the plot of the film. Give some background on persons, relationships, and events, but don’t explain the entire tale. Reading the review isn’t a substitute for seeing the movie. You may, however, identify the most critical scenes or turning points in the film that make it worthwhile to see.

Examine the film in general as well as specific areas such as the acting, the director’s work, the theme, the soundtrack, and the special effects. Determine whether the film’s core theme was properly implemented. In your reviews, try to be objective and thorough.

Let us know what you think. Describe how you felt during and after seeing the film, as well as what you enjoyed and didn’t like. Give readers an overall sense of the movie based on examples, descriptions, and comparisons so they can make their own conclusions.

Please provide a recommendation. Instead of being categorical, tell your readers what to expect from the film and who could be interested in it. Indicate whether it corresponds to an official film description and genre, why it could be worth watching, and what its flaws are.

Keep the reader’s attention. Reading movie reviews is entertaining in and of itself. As a society, we’ve grown accustomed to using this option while selecting a movie to watch. Make your review as easy to read as possible, and write in an engaging manner.


How to Write a Movie Review: A Step-by-Step Guide

Writing a film review may not be as difficult as it appears. This is by no means the most difficult form of academic work. It does, however, have its own quirks, and if you can master them, you will be successful.

To begin writing your article, you must first learn and comprehend the following elements of a good movie review:

  • It has bibliographical information.
  • It includes a clear but succinct description of the film in question;
  • It offers a story summary that does not reveal any narrative details; yet, it does not contain any spoilers.
  • It recognizes and assesses the main characters and actors; it identifies and evaluates the movie’s setting, themes, conflicts, and other details; and it identifies and evaluates the movie’s setting, themes, conflicts, and other details.
  • It makes comparisons between the film and other films of a similar genre.
  • It lists the film’s main strong and weak points;
  • It provides an overall assessment of the film.

Another crucial aspect to consider while learning how to begin a movie review is the proper structure of such an assignment. The key to conducting your movie review well is good organization. A decent film review essay, like any other academic assignment, should have a precise structure, style, and, most crucially, formatting.

The following are the most important points to remember when formatting your paper:

On all sides, use 1-inch margins;

  • Choose a clean and readable typeface (Times New Roman, Courier, and Bookman are recommended);
  • Set the font to 12 points;
  • The title of the paper, as well as your name, should be in the center of the page.
  • Finally, all you have to do to write a movie review is follow the proper steps in the right order, which will lead you to your intended outcome. We will provide a full step-by-step tutorial on how to write a film review in this section of our essay.

Select a Film

Consider carefully which movies you want to analyze if you have a choice. Most of us would undoubtedly choose one of our favorites. You are not required to give a review on the tone of the movie you enjoy; but, you may write about one you dislike and explain why. Such a strategy could be novel and refreshing, as well as earn you extra credit.

View the Film

Even if you’ve seen it a hundred times, go back and watch it again to pick up fresh subtleties and develop a better understanding of the characters and their motivations. We recommend seeing a movie at least twice, if not three times. When we initially watch it, we normally focus on the major characters, their storylines, and their emotions. Minor character and story features, such as music, chronology, clothes, decorations, and locales, are frequently easier to detect the second time around. All of these factors influence how you view the film and how you evaluate it.

Make a list

Keep a piece of paper and a pen near you to jot down items you observe in the movie or to jot down your thoughts while viewing or afterward. When an idea comes to mind, write it down right away.

Investigate the Film

Filming is a long and intricate process that involves a large number of individuals, which makes the act of shooting a compelling tale in and of itself. Learn everything you can about it. Is this a new story, a retelling, or a remake? Is there a book that inspired the plot? What was the budget that was available? What has happened to the cast during the process? Select two or three of the most amazing production facts and include them in your paper.

Examine the Film

Consider everything you witnessed in the movie and make a decision on your feelings about it. Is there any social context in the image? What was the film’s original concept, and how successful were the producers in putting it into action? Pay attention to the way it was shot and the techniques that were used. For example, we can clearly see an uncommon zoom effect termed vertigo in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho, which he produced and directed. Consider which actor made the biggest impression on you and why. Compare and contrast this part with his or her past performances. Discuss the film you’ve picked with your friends or family to acquire new ideas for supporting your point of view or for a different perspective.

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Make a plan for your review.

A strategy is always a smart idea, and it could help you achieve half of your goals. Make an overview of your work to organize all of your thoughts and arguments before writing the real movie review. Continue reading to see an example of a film review outline.

Make a catchy title for your project.

“My Titanic review” sounds tedious. Consider a title that is engaging or impressive, such as “Why cruising isn’t always a good idea.” Make your readers want to continue reading.

Create a Review

It’s time to put everything together and write a review now that you’ve done your research and prepared your work. Gather all of your ideas and arguments and stick to the outline you created before. Make a general synopsis of the film so that readers can see what problems it can cause, but don’t give too much away about the ending because they may not have seen it yet. Make a list of the main points you liked and those you didn’t. Use evidence and examples to back up your claims. Comment on the film’s uniqueness and compare it to other films in the same genre, with similar themes, or directed by the same individual.

Finalize your draft

Take a break when you’ve finished writing your review. A brief break before final reading and editing will allow you to approach it with a fresh perspective. Several times over, read your work. Check for spelling and grammatical issues, as well as the presentation’s chronology, adherence to the plan and professor’s requests, and the structure and style.

Outline of a Film Review

A movie review is no exception to the rule that structuring is incredibly useful in any form of work. A written outline will assist you in correctly organizing your thoughts, preventing you from forgetting anything, and allowing you to write it faster. Here’s a sample outline to get you started:

Introduction: In this section, you must offer some basic information about the film, such as the title, release date, key actors, filmmakers, production firm, and budget.

The plot summary is as follows: This is a brief summary of the film’s plot, characters, and interactions.
The following is a summary of the film’s analysis:

The plot’s beginning, escalating action, and climax are all examined.
Dialogues, characters, color use, camera methods, mood, tone, symbolism, costumes, or anything else that contributes to or detracts from the overall plot are all examined.

Analysis of the issue and its implementation: viewers’ knowledge of the topic, its significance, and comparison to other similar works.

Opinion. Your argument is backed up by instances and facts from the story.

Conclusion. Declare whether the filmmaker was effective in achieving his or her goal. Explain how the movie aided you in gaining a better knowledge of the course topic.

Form for a Quick Movie Review

If you’re writing a one-off movie review, reading our entire guide and following the suggestions and methods outlined here should be enough to ensure a great rating. What if, on the other hand, you know you’ll be writing a lot of reviews in the future? In this scenario, we propose creating an uniform movie review form (also known as a template) that will save you time and help you succeed in future projects.

Leave empty text boxes and format your template according to the general rule of film review writing. You can also use the Internet to get a template and save even more time.

If you’re looking for a place to start, here’s a simple movie review template you may use to create your own:

Norma Rae (1979) tells the narrative of a lady during the American labor movement, when work was portrayed as being too complex and rich to care for the poor. The labor movement shown in the film is thought to be immensely powerful, to the point where its demands are always met. Norma Rae, a Southern mill worker with two children, is the protagonist of the film, which is set in the current day (1979) rural south. The video offers a thorough examination of the radicalism displayed by southern managers in the post-1960s, as well as how they learnt to oppress the poor when they were able to exercise their legal rights.


Avoid These Mistakes

Here are some frequent blunders made by students that you should avoid.

Retelling the plot of the film in great detail. As previously said, the purpose of a movie review is not to put the movie on paper—no one enjoys spoilers. Share the general plot to pique your reader’s interest in viewing the film and hearing their thoughts.

Giving an overly broad assessment of the picture. Keep in mind that nothing is ever really clear. Even if you don’t enjoy the film’s substance or quality, don’t forget to note how fantastic the music was, or if one of the actors was able to depict a believable character.

Evidence is lacking. Giving your opinion without explaining why you believe that way will not be taken seriously. Even if we’re talking about which movie to watch, an erroneous statement isn’t a suitable resource for making a decision.

There isn’t enough film research. Don’t make your readers do their own research or go looking for another review to learn more about a film’s backstory.
There is no structure. It will be quite tough to follow your thoughts and understand your points if your work is not correctly structured. Readers should benefit from reviews, and a well-structured review can help you convey your point effectively.

There are no conclusions or suggestions. As previously said, one of the primary goals of writing a movie review is to make recommendations about the film. Do not keep readers in the dark about your discoveries and ideas. You might make someone’s evening by recommending a nice movie to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Film Reviews

Is it necessary for me to write a film review in a specific format?

The formatting style of your movie review is usually decided by your teacher’s individual assignment guidelines. A movie review may or may not be academically formatted in various cases. You should, however, double-check with your teacher.

Is it permissible for me to plagiarize a movie review from the internet and submit it as my own?

No, your teacher will spot plagiarism in your article and will penalize you if you simply duplicate an existing review and submit it as your own. You can still look out movie review examples on the internet to acquire ideas for how to write your own. Rather than taking a chance, submit your movie review to one of our academic writers. This way, you’ll save time while still achieving your goals!

What Is the Best Way to Write a Film Critique?

A movie criticism is a peer-reviewed academic study that analyzes and assesses films and the cinema medium in general. This term is frequently used interchangeably with “film review.” As a result, you can use the same methods and tricks to create a movie criticism as described in this article on how to write a movie review.

What Movies Should You Write About?

Essentially, you can create a film review for almost any picture. However, we recommend that you exercise extreme caution when making these decisions. It is critical that you select a film that you can analyze and critique. Typically, students choose films that they either enjoy or dislike for a movie review.

What Characterizes a Great Film?

The plot, the visual aesthetics, the quality of directing and acting, the impression it leaves on the audience, and so on are all important factors in determining if a film is good or not. In general, you can tell if a film is good when it keeps the audience interested and able to follow the plot, and then leaves them with a lasting impression and something to ponder after the credits have rolled.

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